10703685_10204634437838037_7448322487899518677_nAt the dawn of the era of Day-Glo and spandex, Chairman Kate announced her arrival in the world with a strong set of lungs and the ability and will to use them. Never underestimate Primal Scream therapy.

Cutting her teeth on the very edge of Generation X, she remembers cassette tapes, rotary phones, and the advent of grunge; she is searching for the right glittery/pimp/retractable cane to shake while yelling “GET OFF MY LAWN!”

Kate believes in social media, social justice, hockey, comic books, and Christian Bale as Batman. She dislikes most Isms, the music of Kenny G, and people who dismiss the talents of Prince. She speaks in riddles pop culture references, and retains an impressively terrifying amount of trivia about movies and TV shows.

In her downtime and all the time before that, she can be found in that tiny place nobody’s ever heard of: Manhattan. You can reach her at kate@chairmankate.com.