This is my body, and I love it just as it is.

Yup, that's my body. In a "Losers" tank.

This body has never let me down; it will try anything I ask it to, and succeed more often than I can believe. With this body, I can embrace people I love, smile when I’m happy, and dance out my glee.

My body has never let me down, but I have let my body down. I have let fear prevent it from running free. I’ve let anxiety cause permanent damage to my stomach. And I have let doubt keep me from loving it.

Part of my effort to shift from a negative to a positive outlook in my day-to-day has involved working out. My body seems to be loving this – from the balance and stretch of yoga to the endurance and strength of a cardio routine, my body has not only made it through, it’s improved. I am stronger, more flexible, and faster.

I am learning that if I listen to my body, if I let it lead the way, I will feel good. I’m done letting my body down; it’s the only one I have, and we’re in this together.