I Am Not a Unicorn

Hi, my name is Kate, and I am Girl Who Loves Sports. I love hockey and baseball, and will happily watch football, basketball, and soccer. I am also a Geek Grrl: bring on the comic books, cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi novels, even the occasional video game.


holy crap, TWO girls who like dude stuff in one place!

I don’t want a cookie for this. And I don’t want your gleeful surprise at finding a “chick who digs dude stuff,” like you just found a unicorn in Manhattan. I’m going to let you in on a secret: you haven’t.

My life is full of women who are into things that are traditionally considered male interests – from sports to comics to sleeping with beautiful women. Every day, I encounter another woman who can do fifteen minutes on The Hulk and his history, or can offer a breakdown of Yankees pitching throughout the past fifty years; who can create a website from the ground-up; or who can outplay you in World of Warcraft.

We’re not freaks, we’re not weirdos, and we’re not mythological beasts; we’re real women with diverse interests. And our interest and understanding is not diminished by the fact that we often appreciate the physical forms of the male athletes and characters.

So the next time you meet a girl who games or watches baseball or reads comics, don’t get all excited and ask her how she could possibly have gotten into it; find out what games you have in common, whether she’s in favor of the DH rule, or how she felt about the time that Captain America and Iron Man were on opposite sides.

Treat her like a grown-up human, and not an animal at the zoo.


  1. You rule, Kate! You’re my go-to person on twitter when I want to chat comics (are you reading AvX?). 🙂

    • You’re the best, Kyle! I haven’t started yet — my whole budget is basically food and moving right now. But sooooon!

      • You know, aside from the tie-ins to basically every other Avengers & X-Men title that make you feel like you’re missing out on something important if you don’t buy 23 different issues per month, they managed to spin yet another series called “AvX VS” out of the whole thing. Granted it’s just 6 parts, and it’s nothing but the fights from AvX fleshed out with zero impact to the greater story, but come on!

        • That’s the frustrating thing with a lot of comics, right now. I love unified story arcs, but geez. It was just as bad with Civil War, which I really enjoyed, for the most part (even if I’m still angry at what I perceive to be out of character choices for Bishop).

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