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Start as You Mean to Go On

Looking back on my year, and the past few years, I’m amazed by how much I’ve actually changed in what was really such a short time. I began the year with the best intentions; I was going to work hard, embrace positivity, and fix myself. It all sounded great, in theory, but the application proved out of my grasp.

I spent a lot of the early part of the year mired in the negativity that I’ve always allowed to drag me down. I continued to see only the reasons why things couldn’t work, rather than getting excited by the possibility that something could work. It was an attitude that applied to everything in my life, including the way I perceived myself.

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I Need a Little Grace

grace [grays] noun

  1. elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.
  2. a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.
  3. favor or good will.
  4. a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior: It was only through the dean’s grace that I wasn’t expelled from school.
  5. mercy; clemency; pardon: an act of grace

Recently, I’ve noticed that I am entirely without ability to extend any grace to myself. I first noticed it with the medically necessary changes in my diet; I’ve gone from being someone who can eat anywhere, to someone with a very challenging combination of restrictions (no dairy, no caffeine, and no spicy foods).

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Living Intentionally

I’m a big believer – no pun intended – in fat positivity. People are beautiful, and screw your weird western beauty standards! Working towards a healthier America has precious little to do with size. Heck, So You Think You Can Dance had a young woman get through the audition process and nearly make the show who was definitely not a little girl. She was talented, graceful, powerful and beautiful, too.

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Self-Image Is A Bitch

It might be an extreme example...

Last night, I got all girled up to go watch the Playoffs with friends. I wore blue tights, a miniskirt, my Rangers jersey and I matched my makeup and nails to the whole ensemble. A friend, via text from far, far away, commented that if I had any trouble getting some action, he would doubt the Rangers fan base (I’m paraphrasing). And I replied that while sweet, that would just never ever happen to me.

This isn’t a self-pity thing (even though I’ve been there). It’s not even a self-loathing thing (although I’ve been there, too). It’s a totally bizarre self-perception thing that I’ve never really thought much about. Continue reading

“Rye whiskey, I cry.”

Instead of writing about Really Important Things, I’m going to tell a cautionary tale. This one is about how collegiate drinking can make you sad for the rest of your life. Not because drinking leads to crass remarks, poor life decisions, and sex (I actually support all of these eventualities). Rather, because someday you’ll be 30-years old and sitting in a really nice bar with a table full of very interesting people, all of whom are drinking delightful single-malt whiskys, and you won’t be able to join them.

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287 Comic Books In Need of Homes

So many comics.

It's a lot. I know.


Hi, my name is Kate and I love comic books. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that I live in a NYC apartment. And I watch Hoarders. So, I’m trying to purge the bulk of my collection. Listed below are comics that I have read and loved but am now ready to pass on to other people for their enjoyment.

This list is sorted first by publishing house, then by Title. In most cases, I tried to group hero families together, so you’ll find Catwoman with Batman, and all the X-books together. There’s a Batman/Danger Girl crossover listed in the DG section. Ideally, I’d like a little scratch for ’em, but I’m happy to play let’s make a deal on it. The main thing is finding them homes.  If you’re interested in grabbing some of them, or want more information on what they’re about, drop me a comment.

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Girlie Girl Review: Shoe Dazzle

I know that it seems like I’m always SRS BZNESS and angry at something in the world. So today, I’m going to blow you away by being gleeful and consumerist and girlie. I know, right?

At some point, I was linked to, and because I have a very real shoe & bag problem, I signed up. (My best friend is probably gearing up to kick whoever put me on to this site.) I had a credit for the sign up, so for $19.98 I bought a bag that meets all the needs I’ve been looking for!

The only problem I have is that it’s an automatic $39.95 per month on your credit card, unless you manually opt-out. However, in this day and age, how hard is it to set an alert on your phone or calendar to log in and opt-out or order? (I’ll let you know – I am notoriously stupid about that stuff.)

“So how did your order go?” I hear you totally not asking. It went great! (What’s sad is that this is a lot like all the other conversations I have with myself in my head.)

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Flood Waters on Three Continents


Large groups of animals randomly dropping dead for no apparent reason, flooding happening in a variety of countries and Baby Doc Duvalier returning to Haiti… is it the Apocalypse? Scary shit, man.

I’m finding that while folks know about the situation in Queensland (you knew about that, right – that thousands of people are displaced from a massive state in Australia), a lot of folks don’t know about Brazil, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. Or that a flood warning has been issued for both Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It’s a lot.

So while this is ostensibly a link/info dump, it’s also a call for help: if you know of any legitimate relief efforts (one day I’ll talk about how much I loathe scammers that pull shit during disasters – oh wait, I just did) that I haven’t linked to, please drop me a comment with a link.

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Poor Little White Girl

Were those vests ever cool? Luckily, the music is excellent.

I’m not a racist, but I have said racist things.

A decade ago (crap, I’m old), I threw a party at my house. A few hours in, drunk off my ass, I asked two of my black friends if they wanted to listen to some African music. (Yes, really.) My reasons were pure: I really wanted to listen to the Johnny Clegg & Savuka album I had just rediscovered, and they were the two friends sitting closest to me. But the racist implications sat there like a fat dude wearing overalls with a rebel flag patch: I’d asked the only black dudes at the party if they wanted to listen to African tunes. So, despite my intention and because I loved them, I apologized.

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Marie Claire Magazine & Being a Dick on The Internet

Yup, I would totally hit this. And make her breakfast.

The whole situation with the blog post by Maura Kelly for Marie Claire about “Mike & Molly” (sidenote: I find this show to be wholly terrible and completely adorable – curse you, Melissa McCarthy!) has brought up something we discussed in the “How Not To Be A Dick On The Internet” panel at WinCon.

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